How Computer Technology Influences Art and DesignPrograms für 98,90 CHF

Opinions from 37 Professionals and Educators of 9 Universities and Colleges

This one-year qualitative research project explored how computer technology influences art and design programs in higher education. It involved 37 educators from 9 universities and colleges located in California, USA. It is discovered that with the ubiquitous application of computer technology, the current reality has become one that is multicultural and pluralistic, dissolving the timeline of history and boundaries of art forms. Moreover, computer technology has opened up new career opportunities and accelerated work processes. It has also induced new ways of creating art and provided novel channels to distribute artworks. Today, interactivity and networking is facile with or without physical presence. Educators involved in this research revealed that curricula adjustments and trends have included emphasizing basic computer competency and traditional skills simultaneously, encouraging experimentation and interactivity through new tools, fostering interdisciplinary education, engaging students in the development of new technology, underscoring humanitarian issues, developing art and design leadership and a sense of accountability, and building a complete cyber campus.

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